Meet Lindsey


Birth Photographer + Birth Videographer


You’re trusting me to capture one of life’s most significant moments and I take my role on your birth team seriously. I’m known for my intuitive demeanor in birth and for capturing rich, emotive images while preserving the integrity of your space.


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Hi, I’m Lindsey

I’m originally from Austin, Texas and now call Salt Lake City home. I say things like y’all and gonna— minus the southern accent. My tribe describes me as thoughtful, intuitive & resourceful.

Almost five years have passed since our birth day, and there isn’t much I remember. Like many first-time parents, we didn’t hire a photographer and wish we would have. To have our moment of birth captured and to be able to relive the experience would be the greatest gift ever.

Here’s a list of local birth pros and facilities I’ve worked with.

Birth Professional Trainings: Birth Worker Inclusivity Training Series (Oct 2018), Know Your Rights: Legal & Human Rights in Childbirth (Feb 2019), and Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss, with Camille Hawkins (May 2019).

I want to support you on your birth journey regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion or income.


We’ll vibe well if…

Our communication is intentional.

Communication is everything. We’ll communicate by phone, email, text and in person throughout our time together. For me to give you the best experience, it’s essential that we talk with transparency. I promise to be intentional with my words and to listen. I’m also committed to responding to you promptly, with kindness, honesty, and thorough response.

You prefer a professional experience.

Many families I’ve worked with have hired professional photographers before, dabble in photography themselves or have friends/fam who shoot. They have an eye for quality and working with a pro puts them at ease. Most of the time it’ll feel like we’re friends, but there is a small part where we’ll talk business. It’s my least favorite part, but it’s imperative that we be on the same page.


Things I Love

• Learning. Knowledge is power, and I prefer to be informed. Books, podcasts, webinars, and audiobooks are my jam.

• The occasional TV binge. When it’s just me watching I love a good drama or documentary.

• Vintage furniture and houseplants.

• Baked goods, especially from Tulie. Delish!

• Shopping local and supporting other small businesses.


Portfolio + Investment

Wanna see some beautiful birth stories and learn more about the experience?


“Our birth photos and film turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. They’re simply stunning and each moment was captured beautifully.”


If social media is your thing, you can find me here.