Meet Utah Birth Photographer + Videographer


About Lindsey

I’m a wife, mama, mixed-race woman of color, survivor, birth lover, business owner, and creative originally from Austin, Texas. I shifted the direction of my business to specialize in birth while navigating PPD/PPA after moving to Salt Lake with my husband and daughter in 2015. I come from a long line of strong women and am doing my best to raise a free-thinking little human who is kind to others and knows her worth.

Several years have passed since our traumatic birth day, and there isn’t much I remember from experience. In my heart, I know our birth was filled with many beautiful moments, I just can’t remember them. We didn’t hire a birth photographer, and to this day, it’s something my husband and I deeply regret. To have those moments captured and to relive, our experience would be the greatest, most healing gift ever.

I take my role on your birth support team seriously and am invested in learning from the best leaders in the industry.

Here’s a growing list of my Birth stats, accolades and professional certifications:
+ Birth Worker Inclusivity Training Series (a 6-week online intensive - Oct 2018)
+ Legal & Human Rights in Childbirth (an online CE course - Feb 2019)
+ Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss (CE workshop - May 2019)
+ Birth Diversified (Spring 2020)


Things I Love

• Learning. Knowledge is power, and I prefer to be informed. Books, podcasts, and audiobooks are my jam.

• The occasional TV binge. When it’s just me watching I love a good period piece, drama or documentary.

• Vintage furniture and houseplants. Lots and lots of houseplants— 23 and counting!

• Baked goods, especially from Tulie. Delish!

• Shopping local and supporting other small businesses.


Ready to see some beautiful birth stories?


“Our birth photos and film turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. They’re simply stunning and each moment was captured beautifully.”


If social media is your thing, you can find me here.