Why Families Are Choosing to Document Their Birth Stories


People invest thousands in photography and videography to relive their wedding (graduation, engagement, anniversary, homecoming) day, but what about remembering your birth story? No matter how crazy amazing the wedding is, the birth of a baby is even more epic. If your wedding was birth preserving, you’ll definitely want to consider documenting your birth story.

Here are five of the most common reasons families choose to document their stories.


it’s totally possible not to remember much from birth

It seems impossible to NOT remember every single detail, but it’s easier than you think. In birth, the body is flooded with hormones (oxytocin, progesterone, oxytocin, beta-endorphine, prolactin, epinephrine, norepinephrine & cortisol) and the mix of these hormones triggers labor. Because of these hormones the body is able to give birth. For some, the mix of these hormones leaves us in a haze—not remembering much. And the haze can continue for weeks, or years even.

Birth photography is a powerful tool that promotes healing

At some point after birth you’ll go through a period of processing your birth. Preserving the story makes it possible for you to visually lay out the entire sequences of events—if you wanted. In short, the images or film become a therapeutic tool that validate your birth experience.

This particular reason is very personal to me because my personal birth experience was traumatic. All I seem to remember are the intensity and being mistreated—I can’t remember any of the good stuff. It totally breaks my heart. Being able to see the silver lining in our experience would undoubtedly help our hearts heal.


Imagine having a photograph or video highlighting the most meaningful moment in your life

I bet if you thought about for a minute you could think of a specific moment in your life that was profound in shaping the person you are today. Imagine if you the ability to visually relive that experience through photos or film. How crazy-amazing would that be?!?! Not only to relive the story myself, but to share it continually with your partner, children, mother, bestie. It’s like a little piece of family history.

Birth is one of the most epic transformations we experience in life. The physical and mental strength it takes navigating labor is transcendent. Our bodies literally open up to birth a tiny human being that we’ve grown and nourished for roughly 40-weeks.

I want to fully experience my birth.

Yes! As I mentioned earlier, birth is an intense and transcendent experience that is impossible to take in all at once. You’re working hard to birth your baby and there is so much that you miss. So many tiny, magical moments that get lost in the chaos of birth. If you’re able to do so, it’s definitely worth consideration to hire someone who can artistically and professionally document your story so you can simply be present in the moment.


"I wish I knew birth photography was really about when my was born."

Whenever birth photography comes up in conversation and the person I'm chatting with has children they almost always express some level of regret not preserving their story. If they’re not expressing regret, they’re staring at me wide-eyed trying to figure out if I just said “bird” or “birth” photography. For reals, this actually happened once.

The point being, many express regret not documenting their story because they didn’t understand it’s value and dismissed it as an unnecessary expense.


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