A Waterbirth Story at The Birth Center

I first met this couple when they reached out about hiring me to document the birth of their rainbow baby. She was at the beginning of her 2nd trimester carrying around the cutest little bump as we sat in their living room, sipping coconut LaCroix and connecting over birth. She had a pen & notebook in hand and they both asked such thoughtful questions. I could tell they cared deeply about preserving their story and were mindful of who they invited into their sacred space.

Their plan was to deliver with Becky & Eve at The Birth Center in Salt Lake with hopes of a waterbirth and Daddy catching baby. It was Mama’s birthday & also 12 days past baby’s guess date when I received word that labor started. We stayed in contact throughout the night and I joined them the next morning at the center. I was documenting birth photos & a film for them and I thought it would be super cool if I could catch them arriving at The Birth Center. I showed up about 10 minutes before they pulled in and caught it all on camera!

From the second I entered their birth space I could tell Mama was totally tapped into her instincts. The next wave came and without hesitation she propped one leg up on the side of the birth tub and began leaning in and out to a slow, deep pulse. Her husband was right by her side intuitively reading her body language and ready to give whatever she needed. Their connection was incredible.

She labored leaning against her husband, in the sling with the rebozo, on the bed, in the shower, on the floor and eventually made her way to the birth tub. The water seemed to give her some relief. Her husband poured warm water over her sacrum and applied counter pressure for each wave. He never skipped a beat. At one point her sounds shifted to a low guttural moan and she said, “My body is pushing!”. The wave ended, she closed her eyes and rested. The room was silent, except for the sound of the water that was filling the tub. The next wave began and she said, “He’s coming! He’s coming!”. Intuitively, I dropped my photo camera, picked up my video camera and 2-seconds later their sweet babe was born earthside. He was born gently into the water, scooped up by his Papa and placed into his mother’s arms.

It was beautiful, y’all. I still get tears in my eyes watching it.

Congratulations to the happy family!

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