Birth Unites Us | Salt Lake City, UT


Yesterday afternoon Birth Becomes Her (BBH) launched their world-wide 2018 Annual Image Contest. This contest is a pretty big deal in the birth photography world because, it's an opportunity to show the world what pregnancy, birth & postpartum is really like. In addition, the contest is anonymous & uncensored. Many organizations out there running photo competitions with birth categories censor so much of birth that it is no longer portrayed in a realistic way. These are the same organizations who proclaim they're all about celebrating family. IMHO, what is more family friendly than birth? Afterall, birth is where families are made.

Born {Birth} Photography Salt Lake City Bearth Midwifery Homebirth Utah 29.jpg

This year, with the permission of some amazing women & families, I submitted 5 images to the BBH competition to help support the cause.

If birth is something that makes you uncomfortable or sets your soul on fire I encourage you to spend a few minutes today looking through these beautiful images. If you feel so inclined, vote for your favorites.

We are all make our way in to this world the same way. Birth Unites Us.

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