9th & 9th Pilates Small Business Feature | Salt Lake City, UT

I feel like I always need to apologize for how long I go in between blogs. The truth is life has been so busy. I've been shooting, raising a toddler, & working out at this fantastic boutique Pilates studio that I just had to gush about. Blogging is so hard, but it gets a little easier when you come across a business that makes your heart sing--or in this case makes your body sweat.

I researched galore in attempt to find the perfect studio to help me get my groove back post baby. Joining 9th & 9th Pilates has been life changing--at least it will be a few months from now when I start feeling/looking like my pre-baby self again. Anyway, this group of ladies rocks it on every level. The owner, manager, & instructors are knowledgeable and really take the time to understand how they can help you achieve your goals. As if this place weren't amazing enough they support local businesses, give back to the community, AND help raise money for causes they're passionate about.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing their Spin for a Cure Event to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you're passionate about finding cures and helping those in need, the LLS is a great organization to support.