Lifestyle Family Photography: Merry Christmas | Salt Lake City, UT

I can't believe I haven't written a single blog post since August! So much has happened for our little family the last 5 months. The biggest change of has been our relocation to Salt Lake City, UT. Yes, that's right UTAH. Our move wasn't exactly a secret and it wasn't something we told very many people about because it happened very quickly. The decision to move was overwhelming for our whole family and has completely flipped our lives upside down--for the better.

This holiday season is bittersweet because it is our first Christmas away from everything that is familiar and comforting. It is also our first Christmas together on our new journey as a family. We are thrilled that modern technology gives us the ability to keep in touch with our families even though we are thousands of miles apart.

With that said, here is a glimpse of our Christmas morning in our new home!

Merry Christmas, from The Rivera's!