Happy 1/2 Birthday!

This post is a little late...okay--a lot late. Due to "mom brain" I forgot to post these awesome photos of my little girl, Lila B, on the day we celebrated her 1/2 birthday. Because cake isn't an option we opted for banana and baby girl had an amazing time! I learned that bananas are super messy and baby girl learned how good it feels to smush them between her fingers.

When people ask me about motherhood I always tell them I was never 100% sold on the idea of kids. The responsibility of raising a tiny human being is overwhelming and the transition to motherhood was something I never anticipated. Even though I'm exhausted and challenged by this little person I am forever grateful that I have the opportunity of raising her.

Milestones/Favorites: Sitting like a big girl, playing with food, contemplating sleep, taking baths, and dancing with momma

What was the most memorable part of your transition into motherhood?