A quick word on the value of your investment...

If you and/or your partner are thinking, holy cow that's a lot of money--you're right. Birth sessions are not similarly priced to most portrait of lifestyle sessions because birth photography is expensive and so unpredictable. I go on call your you as soon as you hire me. I'm ready to join you, day or night, be it on your due date, at 38 weeks, at 41 weeks and it's a sacrifice I love to make, but it does require a lifestyle that's very different than most.

By charging what I do, I can stay with you as long as your labor takes. Some women give birth in 6 hours and others in 30. Each birth story is just as unique as it is unpredictable. I've sat with a 3rd time mom whose birth was easily 24+ hours and I've had first time moms deliver within a few hours. I also purchase and maintain the very best photography equipment. My cameras and lenses are uniquely equipped to handle the immense demands of low light situations. I bring two cameras (Nikon D800s) with me to every birth along with other backup equipment in case technology fails. There simply are no redo's with birth and you deserve someone who is equally invested in preserving your story. Many aren't aware of of how much it costs to run a sustainable birth photography business--birth is technically the most challenging type of photography out there and it's worth it to hire an expert. I not only want you to have beautiful images, I also want you to feel like you hired someone who truly understands and respects the sacredness of the birth process. I've spent over 11 years years behind the camera and countless hours studying alongside midwives, doulas & OBs in birth.

When you hire me as your photographer you're getting much more than an person behind a camera snapping random shots hoping at least a few turn out in focus. You're choosing a skilled artist/documentarian who shoots with intention, respects your birth space, understands the flow of labor & delivery . Flexible payment arrangements are available for everyone and there is no shame in taking advantage because I offer it for a reason. What exactly does flexible mean? Well, that depends on what works for you. I don't believe you should have to sacrifice quality at such an important moment in life so let's create something that works for you. I also offer a personalized (and complimentary) gift registry if you're into non-traditional gift giving to help manage the cost of your session. The gift registry is a great option if this isn't your first baby. Instead of investing in more onesies you can invest in something that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. I also offer Just Born {newborn} sessions that can take place the same day as your birth--if that's what you want. Newborn sessions begin at $475 and are a great alternative to birth photography.

If you & your partner are interested in thoughtfully preserving your birth story please do not hesitate to get in touch.