My name is Lindsey and I’m the woman behind the camera at  Born {Birth} Photography in Salt Lake City. I’m also a wife, mother & socially awkward introvert who is not so good at small talk. I would much rather sit down with a cup of something warm and get to know each other.

A few years have passed since our birth day and there isn’t much I remember from the experience. And as much as I want to hold on to every detail time has a way of making it very difficult--impossible. Like many first-time parents we didn’t hire a photographer and wish we would have. To have our moment of birth captured and relive the experience would be the greatest gift ever.

I believe birth is sacred and every expecting person deserves thoughtful & compassionate care from pregnancy through postpartum. I encourage you to choose your birth photographer as carefully as you would your Midwife, OB & Doula. Choose me because you trust me as a person, artist & documentarian. Choose me because you want me silently supporting & remarkably preserving one of the greatest moments of your life.