What's In My Bag

When it comes to birth photography the equipment you choose to shoot with matters a lot.
Why does it matter? It matters because birth is so unpredictable and I need equipment that performs well in low-light, no light & artificially lit situations.
Lighting in a birth space can change in the blink of an eye as medical pros adjust the light as they see fit.

I bring TWO Nikon D800s with me to every birth & most newborn sessions. I shoot stills & video simultaneously to help not miss a moment. 
If I am documenting a birth story with still images only I still bring a second high-quality camera as a backup in case technology fails--with birth there simply are no re-dos. In addition to cameras, the lenses I choose handle low-light situations well.  My favorite lenses for birth are the 35mm 1.4, 24-70mm 2.8 & 50mm 1.4. I also bring several batteries,  a charger in case of a marathon session, plenty of memory cards and backup memory cards.
Lastly, a flash just in case and a really cool/practical dual camera harness to help me carry it all without taking up much space.